Light-up-the-Night Christmas float 2014

  The Christmas float was  very iffy this year. We were  late in getting started  and I personally thought it was not going to happen. Bah Humbug. I needed a boost. Santa and his helpers (CBYC members) really stepped up. The driving forces were Teddy and Isabel Campos the designers of this years float. Their 1st initial design was great, however,  time constraints forced us to come up with a simpler design. So off we go Teddy Campos making the Eiffel tower and LAX signs. Terry Swney designing a waterfall to compliment the Bellagio casino. Isabel Campos doing a great job on the art work. Susan Christmas, Julie boys, Riley Swney,  Sarndra Swney, Brian Deibel, Jeannie Connell, Carrie baker assisting in painting covering and decorating. And “Oh” those last minute details, thank you Bill Bliss for making  the blue food coloring run.  On the mechanical side we had Doug Martin, a new member, Tom Boyes  Marvin Strain,  Joe Connell for launching the float and most important Lou Anderson for going to the captains meeting and getting our judging number. Hopefully I did not miss anyone if so I do apologize.  

 The float is complete, now we are looking for a spotter. We spot Grady  who “volunteered ” to accompany me on the float, Charles G. offered his duffy as a patrol and safety boat and  finally let’s not forget Cal Van Zant for diving and retrieving the engine gas cap I dropped in the water. As you can see it takes many dedicated  enthusiastic people to put this together. The results were very rewarding. We received Grand Prize. Thanks all for believing it could be done. 

Ted Naus