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portCBYC is a cruising club founded in 1967. We have a charming marina location where we hold port events, hang out with friends and hold formal ceremonies.

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March 12, 2020

Dear CBYC Family,
I am emailing you all to request your understanding.  We are in a time of uncertainty and needed caution.  Tonight, We will be conducting our monthly meeting of the club for addressing Club business and events.  While this meeting is always open to all with an interest in the Club, I am requesting the general membership not attend at this time.     I am making this request based on the Statewide executive order and LA county plans regarding gatherings and implementing social distancing.  I am concerned for not only my health, but for everyone that may come in contact with others with points of exposure.     Should you still have a desire to attend, the doors will be open.  Also, please continue to monitor your email and informations streams for Club news related to and y further advisories.

Ted Campos

CBYC Commodore